Warehouse Service

Experts in Supply Chain Planning and Control

Warehouse Management

JLD Thailand provides contract logistics partnership and the management of complex logistics supply chain. We help customers improve their cost and operational efficiency as well as their logistics and overall management of resources.

Movement of goods, money and information

Effective use of technology to enhance our peoples skills is key to success

Teamwork Teamwork

Fostering teamwork to encourage collaboration while rewarding displays of teamwork and camaraderie. One of our key tenets has been to distribute decision-making power and discourage consensus seeking, so that and ideas flowed freely throughout the company.

Central Stock Visibility

Our professional warehousing and transportation services utilize advance applications and strategies to manage your stock and provide you with accurate insights into your inventory. By utilizing automated inventory keeping application, you can track shipments and analyze historical performance data. This real-time data allows a company to see what’s happening in its shipping operations.

Our Warehouse management services include:

Inbound Management
Product Inspection
Grading Classification
Outbound Management
Order planning & management
Delivery planning and optimization
Custom Picking Logics
Value-Added Services
Product Testing
Barcode printing and Labelling
Serialised Warranty Card management
Automated Inventory Reports and dashboards